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Hodge Products Hay Chec® Body

Model No. HC-BODY

The Hay Chec® Body is made of Solid Steel. After manufacturing, the Hay Chec® Body is machined to provide a protective ridge for the threaded jar retainer. Upon completion of the manufacturing and machining processes, the Hay Chec® Body is electroplated with Bumper-Quality Chrome. The Hay Chec® Cut Lid is attached to the top of the Hay Chec® Body with the Hay Chec® Screws, the Hay Chec® Grips are put on the Hay Check® Body handles, and a brand identification label is affixed to the bottom of the Hay Check® Body for a sleek appearance.

Product Specifications

Height (in) 4.0010
Height (cm) 10.163
Diameter (in) 3.2045
Handles Extend (in) 4.25
Handles Extend (cm) 10.795
Body Weight (lbs) 7.10
Body Weight (g) 322.051
Body Measures (in) 11.7045
Body Measures (cm) 29.729