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Hodge Products Hay Chec® Tamper


The Hay Chec® Tamper is made of Solid Brass to provide great weatherability. The Hay Chec® Tamper also has a Rubber Stopper to protect the tapered Hay Chec® Needle end from damage and dulling.

Product Specifications

Diameter (in) 0.25
Diameter (mm) 6.35
Length (in) 17.75
Length (cm) 45.085
Rubber Stopper Height (in) 1
Rubber Stopper Height (mm) 25.4
Rubber Stopper Diameter (in) 1.5
Rubber Stopper Diameter (mm) 38.1
Washer Diameter (in) 1.5
Washer Diameter (mm) 38.1
Nut (in) 0.4325
Nut (mm) 10.99