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8 Yard Cobra Container

Model No.
Light Duty
Standard Duty
Heavy Duty


• 6 and 8 cubic yard capacity available in heavy duty, standard duty, and light duty

• Heavy duty: 10 gauge sides with 7 gauge bottom • Standard duty: 12 gauge sides with 10 gauge bottom

• Light duty: 14 gauge sides with 12 gauge bottom

• Fully welded top and bottom gussets extend pocket life

• 10 gauge angled pockets guide forks and prevent damage

• Increased welding in critical stress regions: corner plates, lid ears, pockets, bin bottoms

• Continuous banding wrapped around the top increases durability and rigidity

• Knock down containers come unassembled for decreased transportation costs • Split bins offer trash and recycling in the footprint of a normal container

• Fully welded bottom rails provide added durability to container bottom

• Automatic and manual lid locks available

• Single or double wall lids

• Custom colors available